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PATI Valley 2017

Come and visit with us one of the nicest and wildest trekking destinations of south Amercia – the Pati valley – located right in the center of the Chapada Diamantina National Park. If you seek lonely places, spectacular, colorful nature with waterfalls, valleys and mountains, lots of diamond history - a place disconnected from the rest of the world, then the Vale do Pati adventure is waiting for you to explore this hidden beauty. If you choose to spend some days here you will have the privilege to get to know the few locals living in this remote area. With their warm and welcoming way, they embrace you with their hearts, always doing their best to prepare a delicious meal for their guests and have a comfy bed ready for you, so you can rest well. Life here is simple, beautiful and full of love. You hike long distances every day, but at every corner you discover something new. Exploring the rich flora and fauna, stunning views and places you will just feel one with mother nature.

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