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PATI Valley

We offer 3-4 day treks 

Come and visit with us one of the nicest and wildest trekking destinations of south Amercia – the Pati valley – located right in the center of the Chapada Diamantina National Park. If you seek lonely places, spectacular, colorful nature with waterfalls, valleys and mountains, lots of diamond history -  a place disconnected from the rest of the world, then the Vale do Pati adventure is waiting for you to explore this hidden beauty. If you choose to spend some days here you will have the privilege to get to know the few locals living in this remote area. With their warm and welcoming way, they embrace you with their hearts, always doing their best to prepare a delicious meal for their guests and have a comfy bed ready for you, so you can rest well. Life here is simple, beautiful and full of love. You hike long distances every day, but at every corner you discover something new. Exploring the rich flora and fauna, stunning views and places you will just feel one with mother nature.

Pati Trekking "Explorer"


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Trekking - 3 days and 2 night

This tour is recommended to people who have little time, but want to live the experience of performing trekking in the heart of Chapada Diamantina National Park and enjoy the natural beauty and the simplicity of Pati Valley.

Pati Trekking "expert"


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Trekking - 4 days and 3 night

This tour is recommended for people who want to go to the most popular attractions of the Vale do Pati, being in good physical condition to meet the challenges of the way: steep climbs and descents and long distances.

Pati Mirante "Viewpoint"


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Hiking - 1 day (Pati viewpoint)
This is the ideal excursion if you don’t have much time but still want to experience the secret wonders of the Pati valley.
This day hike starts on the west part of the National Park at the village of Guiné. The trail begins with a moderate, 45 minutes climb uphill, until we reach the plateau known as the “Gerais do Rio Preto”. From here we continue through this photogenic landscape. After a bit more than 2 hours on the plateau we will reach the magical viewpoint of the Pati valley – a spectacular place that will take your breath. A view as good as in your wildest dreams – Everything is in harmony – this is nature pure :-) On the way back we will catch the so called “Tropeiro” or livestock traders trail.



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Trekking - 1 day TREKKING GUINÉ to CAPÃO

It is a long trek that will take us through a stunningly beautiful scenery offered by two famous plateaus of the area called Gerais do Rio Preto and Gerais do Vieira. Gerais is a locally used word to describe the high plateaus where we will walk on. It is a very old path which was opened at the time when all trading was done using the here so called "mules troops”. On the way we will find some places which are excellent to take a bath and also some small streams to refresh ourselves during the walk. We will follow the trail for many kilometers, passing through the unique landscape of the Chapada Diamantina until we reach our transportation already waiting for us near the “Bomba” and then visit the famous hippie village of Capão/Caeté Açu a perfect place to try some of the unique foods and drinks of the area.

Optionally: you can stay overnight here in Capão and visit the next day the 380m high Fumaça waterfall before heading back to Lençóis. Keep in mind that this will be another tiring, but very rewarding day

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