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We offer many trekking and hikings tours  throughout the Chapada Diamantina and the National Park.  

Extreme Adventure

If you are an experienced hiker looking for the ultimate trekking adventure, then come explore with us the classic, ancient trekking destinations of the Chapada Diamantina. Many of those trails were created in the times of the diamond rush and lead into the most stunning and isolated regions. Rough trails, steep ascents and descents, deep valleys and hidden waterfalls are just some of the highlights you’re going to experience. Depending on the location, you’re going to stay in a tent overnight, enjoying the million stars accommodation and the freshly prepared food in the wilderness. All the tours into this remote areas are always accompanied by two guides – security comes first.

Please book well in advanced and let us know the language you prefer your guide speaks.

Capão-Pati-Valle to Igatu "advaced"
Third Day Trekking Tour / Waterfall / Capão-Valley / Pati / Igatu


This trekking connects two iconic localities at Chapada Diamantina. The hippyish and alternative lifestyle Vale do Capão with an old miner’s village, Igatú, perched among the rocks high in the sierra. And the conexion is made through Vale do Pati, considered one of the most beautiful trekkings in the world and the main destination for trekking at Chapada Diamantina.


It’s a hard trekking, camping three nights into the wild. We walk on average 15 km per day, the trail in the last two days is hard and crosses the river back and forth. For this reason it cannot be done if the river is too high. Everybody has to carry his personal gear plus some help with the food. It’s not allowed to use soap or shampoo of any kind during the trekking. The toilet should be made in a place previously determined by the guide. Depending on the weather there can be mud along the way, mostly in the first two days.


The first day we go from Vale do Capão to a camping site by the Calixto Waterfall, inside Vale do Pati. This day has lots of almost flat ground at Gerais do Vieira with a breathtaking view


Second day we go from Calixto Waterfall to a camping site at the Guaribas River, a tributary to Pati river from the right side. This place is already out of the main circuit in Vale do Pati. During this day you walk at the bottom of Vale do Pati, with its huge rock walls and hills. It’s possible to swim at some pools along the way.


Third day we go until the confluence of the Paraguassú and Pati rivers. The Paraguassú is the biggest river in the state of bahia and has its sources in Chapada Diamantina. The trail goes mostly over rocks by the river, some times going up and then back close to the river again, it’s dirt with vegetation because very few people use it. We cross the river a couple of times this day.


We finish crossing the Paraguassu river and going up the Cain’s Ramp, a demanding ascencion which will take us to Igatú village.


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