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The Buracão falls, one of the greatest attractions of the Chapada Diamantina in the south of the national park, where you swim through one of the most beautiful Canyons of Brazil, and when you reach the majestic waterfall, which descends from a wall of more than 85 m in height, it looks like you are in the middle of a fervent cauldron. This is mother nature pure, embedded in a stunning landscape - an unforgettable experience.

Buracão "little time, 1 Day"
Ibicoara, Waterfall, Trek


Buracão 1 day

This tour is only recommended for visitors who have very little time, but want to experience this unique combination of trekking and taking a swim at one of the most incredible waterfalls of the Chapada Diamantina – the Buracão waterfall. This tour starts at 6am from Lençóis and returns around 20h. Generally we recommend to spend 2 days to visit this attraction because of the long distances between Lençóis and Ibicoara (where the falls are located). If you have more time please also have a look at the other tour options below.

Please contact us for a detailed offer or more information.

Buracão and Poços "light"
2 Day Trip/Poço Azul,Poço Encantado,Waterfall Buracão


Buracão 2 days.
This tour is recommended for people who want to visit the most popular attractions of the Chapada Diamantina. Since we have more time for this journey you can choose the destinations where we will stop. Whether you’d like to get to know the blue pool (Poço Azul), the enchanted pool (Poço Encantado) or might prefer to learn more about the diamond history of the stone village Igatu – we include your favorites. The night we spend in Mucugê or Ibicoara to recover well  for the next days hike to the Buracão waterfall - A breathtaking experience.

Please contact us for a detailed offer  or more information.

Buracão and Fumacinha "expedition" 
2 Days / Ibicoara / Chapada Diamantina


Buracão & Fumacinha 2 days
You are a mountain lover who wants to experience two of the top waterfall destinations the southern Chapada Diamantina has to offer? We will take you to the Buracão and the Fumacinha waterfall. Two places very different from each other, both beautiful and majestic, embedded in the spectacular Chapada Diamantina landscape – Trekking at its best. On this excursion we stay one night in Ibicoara at comfortable place so you can rest well for the next days adventure.

Please contact us for a detailed offer or more information.

Buracão, Poços & SUP or Kayak  "adventure"
2 Day Trip/Poço Azul o Poço Encantado & SUP paddle and Buracão


Buracão, Marimbus-SUP & Pool Tour /Poço Azul (Blue Pool) or Poço Encantado
You want to combine the most diverse attractions of the Chapada Diamantina in a 2 days tour? Then this excursion is the right one for you. Besides the visit at the spectacular Buracão waterfall we include the Marimbus-Marsh which you will explore on a stand-up paddle (or in a canoe if you prefer) with its unique landscape framed by the mountains of the Serra do Sincora. Additionally we also visit either the blue pool (Poço Azul) or the enchanted pool (Poço Encantado) – you name your favorite and we will bring you there. The night we spend in Mucugê or Ibicoara, so you are well rested for the next days hike to the Buracão waterfall – Join us on this diverse excursion - You will love it.


                                                   Please contact us for a detailed offer or more information

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