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Roundtrip Paradise Beaches & Table Mountains

Brazil from its most magnificent site! Experience the historical and cultural diversity of Salvador, one of the oldest colonial cities of America, center of the Afro-brazilian culture and UNESCO world heritage site. Travel along the coastline through the labyrinth of the mangrove forests before you reach the most beautiful beaches of the island Morro de São Paulo where you can dive into crystal clear ocean water. Follow us into the heart of the state of Bahia and explore the old diamond miner trails, along stunning waterfalls in the famous flat table mountain area “Chapada Diamantina”.

This diversified adventure trip offers the perfect combination to experience a lively culture, be active, let your mind wander and enjoy the delicious, typical Brazilian cuisine. What about joining us on this adventure? Have a look at our detailed program description: Optional activities: Horseback riding, diving, snorkel, Stand-up Paddle

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