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Climbing Diamante "light"

Muritiba 1/2 Day

The Muritiba park is the entrance gate into the Chapada Diamantina National Park which offers a huge variety for rock-climbing and boulder enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or advanced climber we have the perfect route waiting for you. The river stream is always close-by, so you can combine climbing and taking a refreshing bath in the same spot embedded into a stunningly beautiful landscape near the Brasilien Adventure base.

Climbing  "advanced"

Barro Branco 1/2 Day 


This climbing sector is located just a few kilometres north of Lençóis and was a time ago an important diamond mining area. Nowadays it’s a unique rock climbing park in the middle of nature, a labyrinth with uncountable hidden routes. Some overhanging climbs start from inside a grotto others follow the colourful rock walls – in any way you will be fascinated about the beauty of this place full of orchids, cacti, bromeliads – this is pure nature :-) In the lower parts of the park flows the river Lapão which is perfect to cool down after a strenuous day and part of a different adventure, the biggest quartzite cave of Brazil – the Gruta do Lapão.

Repelling into the cave of Lapão

Day Tour

We start hiking right from Lençóis until the largest quartzite cave of Brazil - the "Gruta do Lapão". After about an hours hike we will be standing on top of the cave and will be rewarded with a fantastic view into the vale of the river Lapão. Here we rest for a moment before we start our rappelling adventure :-) Each participant can rappel at least twice into the huge cave entrance. The cave consists of several halls and the huge stone formations are part of this labyrinth where you can hear the Lapão river flowing deep below your feeds.

Climbing  Expert Igatu  "advanced" 

Full Day Trip

If you plan to rock climb in Igatu you should spend at least another day here. This is one of the nicest mountain villages of the Chapada Diamantina with its unique stone houses. The village and the area is full of history which allows the perfect combination to experience the rocks and its fascinating culture. Here you’ll also find the so called “Gruna”, the man made mining tunnels from the times of the diamond exploration. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, this is your Mecca with uncountable climbing options. In the night, when the temperatures decrease, boulder spots get more busy – a perfect moment to meet like-minded rock lovers. Contact our Brasilien Adventure team for more information about this special excursion.

Climbing & SUP "2 Days"

Igatu / Marimbus 


After a rich breakfast we will start our climbing adventure in Igatu – the perfect moment for rock-climbing enthusiasts, the air is still fresh, the sky a bit cloudy and the smell of nature all around – we will have the colorful walls just for us. When the temperatures rise and before our muscles get to tired we continue our excursion to the Marimbus Marsh. We use the remaining energy to paddle on our SUP board through this lovely part of nature – the mini Pantanal of the Chapada Diamantina with the spectacular Serra do Sincora in the background. In the evening we will relax on comfy pillows, the area just illuminated with candle lights and enjoy this romantic moment directly at the water of the Marimbus– what a beautiful day :-)


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