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02. SUP & Pool Tour "Cave&SUPMedium" Marimbus/Poço Encantado (Enchanted Pool)

A 3 hours trip through the Marimbus mini Pantanal framed by the Serra do Sincora mountains. The wetlands region is formed by the convergence of two rivers, 'Rio Santo Antônio' and 'Rio Utinga'. It is particularly fascinating to take a bath in that river contemplating the fauna and flora around. On the way, you can occasionally see birds and Capuchin monkeys. After our SUP adventure we will stop for a delicious, typical Brazilian lunch – Your chance to try the local specialties firsthand. The trail to the enchanted pool descents first down some stairs before we enter the cave through on a small path. After climbing down a ladder the path gets easier and wider. Just a few more minutes and the spectacular enchanted pool lies with its deep blue waters in front of us. The effect is stunning and it’s hard to believe that the dept reaches more than 65 meters. Listen to the story how this marvelous place got discovered while you marvel at this natural beauty.


Option Igatú:

For culture and history interested people, there is the option of visiting the old miners town of 'Igatú' instead of one of the enchanted pool. 'Igatú' looks a bit like an open-air museum and is used repeatedly as film scenery. From the quiet center of town, we will pass by the church of 'São Sebastião' with its 'Byzantine'-style cemetery. After walking through an area of huge eucalyptus trees, we reach the stone ruins, which are the remains of Igatú´s booming past during the diamond rush. Nearby we can visit “Galeria Arte & Memória.” This is an open-air museum displaying objects used during the diamond rush as well as a small and fine gallery displaying contemporary art. On the veranda, we enjoy the nice view while drinking a cup of coffee or tasting locally made ice cream or one of the delicious pancakes. For a little adventure, we can visit an old mining tunnel called, “Mina Brejo-Verruga.” We will be guided by one of the old miners who will give us a feel for the atmosphere and working conditions of the mines. In the middle of the tunnel, we will arrive at a larger hall where clay figures honor the miners who died there.


Important information:

SUP-Paddel for beginner ant Advanced paddler.





• Insurance
• Qualified, knowledgeable, English-speaking Guide
• Transportation
• Admission to  Poço Azul (Blue pool)
• Buffet Lunch
• SUP Equipment and life jacket
• SUP Paddle guide






• Beverages





Level 1: Easy tour; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition.


The tour does not operate in:

Extreme weather conditions


Extreme Weather Alternative:

Caving to Torrinha and Pratinha. (Be advised, there is a price difference for this tour)



To cancel this tour, please get in touch with our Customer Service



SUP-Cave & Adventure



1 day






260km Car / 500m walk / 6km paddle


Starting Point:

Our guide will pick you up at Vila Serrano


Min participants:



Maximum participants:




Nova Redençao / Itaetê/ Andarai


We recommend to take:

Backpack with at least 5 lt capacity, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water bottle, hat, comfortable shoes or trekking sandals, light clothing, bathing suit, camera



Price per person:



English speaking guide


1  person...................................  Rs: 859.00                             

2  person ..................................  Rs: 459.00

3  person ................................... Rs: 359.00

4  person ...................................  Rs: 329.00            

5  person....................................  Rs: 329.00



More than 5 people price on request!





The tour can be booked and paid directly with us in the hotel by credit card or in cash

Did you Know:

Poco Encantado: The constant research of Luiz Krug lead to the discovery of a rare species of fish that inhabits this cave - it got the name Rhamdiopsis Krugi.

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