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                                                      Symbiosis Sailing Adventure

                                     charter / expedition / worldwide sailing adventure tour 2018/19

Sailing holidays on our yacht Thorben is more than „just“ a sailing holiday…with us you will experience the real adventure.

Welcome to Symbiosis Sailing Adventure

The new adventure of Brasilien Adventure is through a sailboat along with Symbiosis Sailing Adventure, if you have a dream of sailing and you are in contact with the sea and wind. Discover the steps o 2018/19 come enjoy and experience an adventure aboard a sailboat. Let the good winds bring you to our Sailboat Thorben.

Customer Tours / Your personal sailing turn

Is there a tour that you would like to sail but you don’t have enough money for your own yacht and the right crew or are you maybe alone with your idea? Would you like to sail the tropics in warm wind or do you prefer the cold of the northern latitudes? Is there a special place, a favored climate zone or a new goal that has always appealed to you? You can let us know your personally desired tour and we will check if it is safe and suitable for sailing. Under “Turn Schedule” you will find some examples of routes.

Our sailing yacht Thorben also like to travel through the northern lattitudes!


                                                               We will try to make your sailing dream happen!




There are different routes around the world. Here are some ideas:


1.     The northern passage from Alaska through the Aleutians into the Beering Street  - Greenland     

2.     To South America around the Cape Horn and through the Patagonian channels

3.     Easter Islands to Polynesia, Fijy, Samoa and down to Australia and New Zealand

4.     Pacific transit


These are just a few examples of tours. Let us know the places you have always wanted to visit….



Here you can find all the activities that we offer regularly on our boat. Use the equipment on our boat to explore the most beautiful areas. Depending on the turn and the climate we offer different activities. Surfing and kite-surfing in the best spots, snorkeling to untouched reefs, scuba diving after ship wrecks and fishes or you can hunt our food. A special adventure that you will never forget!

The Crew


Daniel the new owner of the Thorben sailing singelhand from Dartmoth to La Curunha Spain.  Since his youth he was very fascinated by sailing ships und he has sailed Laser, 420, A-Cat, Hobby-Cat, Top-Cat, Laser 5000 and numerous smaller regatta. In the past years he gained experience with different high-sea-yacht.


Daniel is also an enthusiastic sail boarder and one of the first kite surfers Morocco,Brazil and Switzerland  in 1997. For more than 10 years he was running surf camps in Morocco and Brazil. Afterwards he was looking for new challenges and dedicated his time to solo and tandem paragliding. Since 2009 he is also running a travel business in Bahia / Brazil. “Brasilien Adventure” has become a successful and renowned specialist in organizing trekking tours through “Chapada Diamantina” national park with travelers from all over the world. Infos:

In 2017 Daniel wants to dedicate himself fully to Symbiosis Sailing Adventure. But Brasilien Adventure will be continued with a professional team.


                                                       It is never too late to start a new adventure. Welcome to Life!

Mission & Philosophy


Are you exhausted and tired of working all the time? Do you need a vacation or maybe even a sabbatical? Far away from huge hotel complexes, colossal cruise ships and mass tourism there lies a “real adventure”!
We offer authentic and customized sailing tours to paradise like places without restraints but with a lot of time to relax, reconnect with nature and maybe even rediscover yourself!


Sailing and Vacation Concept

On our sailing yacht Thorben we would like to dive into real life adventures with you. If you want to you will get to know our philosophy of life which we are happy to share with you.
Become a member of our crew, be part of our story! The Thorben will take you on a tour around the world for as long as you want to and as far as the winds will carry us through the oceans.
You can come with us on one sailing stage or maybe even more. With our sailing ship Thorben we will take you to the most beautiful, magical and untouched places on this planet. Our joint venture is more than “just” sailing. We will live with the rhythm of nature. On our tours, you can steer the ship yourself, help us trim the sails or you can just lay back, let the crew pamper you and watch the sky and waves…
We are very likely to come upon dolphins, water turtles and sometimes even wales.
Additionally, you can go snorkeling and diving to far

away reefs, surf with us on the best waves,fish,

discover new cultures and all that in a relaxed and

friendly atmosphere.
We welcome everyone to join us, no matter if you are

traveling by yourself or as a couple. You don’t need any

sailing experience. Just a good attitude, zest for life and

curiosity to discover something new.
"I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." - Jack London 

                                                              Don’t miss your chance. Join us on this adventure!

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