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Fascinating round-trip through Brazil's nature

  Paradise Beaches & National Park Chapada Diamantina

Brazil from its most magnificent site! Experience the historical and cultural diversity of Salvador, one of the oldest colonial cities of America, center of the Afro-brazilian culture and UNESCO world heritage site. Travel along the coastline through the labyrinth of the mangrove forests before you reach the most beautiful beaches of the island Morro de São Paulo where you can dive into crystal clear ocean water.
Follow us into the heart of the state of Bahia and explore the old diamond miner trails, along stunning waterfalls in the famous flat table mountain area “Chapada Diamantina”.

This diversified adventure trip offers the perfect combination to experience a lively culture, be active, let your mind wander and enjoy the delicious, typical Brazilian cuisine.
What about joining us on this adventure? Have a look at our detailed program description:
Optional activities: Horseback riding, diving, snorkel, Stand-up Paddle

9 Day Aktiv ROUND TOUR with  Guide 

Paradise Beaches Morro de Sao Paulo,Boipeba & Nationalparks Chapada Diamantina

Day 01: Salvador de Bahia
After your arrival at the airport of “Salvador de Bahia” you will be picked up from our shuttle service which will bring you to your hotel. In the night you are offered a Caipirinha at the seafront of Salvador by our local team.


Day 02: Pelorinho/Mercado Modelo
Today you will visit the historical city center of “Salvador de Bahia”. There are many things to see and do – for example the area of Pelourinho (historic center), the lower city (cidade baixa), the harbor district, the traditional souvenir market (mercado modelo), the lively district of Barra, the seafront and its light tower (Farol de Barra). At the end of the day you are invited to a delicious welcome meal at a traditional, Brazilian Churrascaria.



Day 03:Morro de São Paulo
Our journey continues by speed boat. We are traveling south nearby the coastline, passing many fisher villages, farms and along the Atlantic rain forest which is part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. At Valencia another speed boat will be waiting to bring us in just 40 minutes to the island Morro de São Paulo making its way through the labyrinth of the mangrove trees.

Day 04: Swim, snorkel and ride a horse
On foot you will reach four different beaches, the most southerly is also the longest beach of the Morro island which offers an incredible view over the palm tree forest. Here you can take it easy and relax surrounded by wonderful nature – experience crystal clear seawater, go snorkeling and explore the beauty of the local underwater-world or just enjoy the sun while having a drink.
Alternatively you can explore the island and the southern beaches by riding a horse. You will reach the highest point of the island on your horse enjoying a marvelous view.
After one of those dream activities you can visit a local restaurant, right at the waterfront and enjoy a delicious selection of fresh fish and seafood.
In the evening we will go high up above the „Forte“ to experience an unforgettable sunset.

Day 05: Boipeba and Cairu
By speed boat we continue today our journey to the most southern part of the island. All year round it is very likely to see dolphins and turtles on this part of the tour – when you travel in the month of July or October you have even good chances to catch sight of humpback whales.
After about 45 minutes we will arrive on Garaupua, encountering a heavenly beach surrounded by a natural reef – offering once more the opportunity to explore the wonders of the underwater world.
We continue to the offshore reef of Boipeba – Morere also known as the Polynesia of Brazil. We will have lunch in an excellent, typical Bahian restaurant with open air kitchen. You will be served fresh lobster with an artful pineapple, mango and coconut milk bedding. After visiting the village we will continue by speed boat to Cairu, passing numerous islands while traveling through a river labyrinth along the mangrove forests. Here we will visit the monastery „Convento de Santo Antonio“ which was build in 1654. From here we will reach a floating restaurant, whose specialties are dedicated to oysters.


Day 06: Traveling to the Chapada Diamantina national park
By speedboat we are heading back to the mainland from where we will continue into the interior of the Bahia state. After driving for about 4 hours we will reach the boarder between the Atlantic rainforest and the dry „Sertão“ - the brazilian scrub landscape. After a filling lunch we continue our journey through this bizarre landscape until we reach Lençóis, the colonial town in the heart of the Bahia state.
Lençóis is listed as a protected, historical site which has a population of only about 6000 inhabitants. In the evening you stroll cozy through the romantic alleyways, encountering lots of bars and street coffees. Next we will enjoy an extensive dinner.



Day 07: Half day excursion following the diamond trails
Starting from Lençóis on foot we will encounter the diamond trails along the Serranio. Following the river upstream we will soon find the first beautiful natural pools with a great view back to Lençóis. The „Salão de Areia“ is our next stop, a unique, colorful sandstone labyrinth. Heading further upstream we will find another, bigger natural pool offering a great moment to dip into the water. The locals named this area after the comet „Halley“. Now we are leaving the trail and continue our way in the riverbed, balancing and hopping from stone to stone. Soon we will another steep trail which will lead us to the spring waterfall – the „cachoeira da primavera“. An ideal place to receive a refreshing and relaxing natural massage. We continue a bit further uphill before we reach a majestic viewpoint high above the valley and the town of Lençóis.

Day 08: Caves, waterfall and table mountains
By car, we go from Lençóis to the river Mucugezinho and after a 20-minute walk, we reach the natural pool "Poco do Diabo" (devil's hole) with its marvelous waterfall. If you feel like a little adventure, you can be transported directly from the waterfall and into the devil's hole by zip-line! Rappelling is also possible or you just take it easy and go for a swim and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After a short climb back up we cross the Serra do Sincora by car. Once on the other side of the mountains, the landscape changes noticeably. There is a dry lot where many cacti can be seen. Our next stop is "Gruta da Lapa Doce", the second largest limestone cave in Brazil with impressive limestone formations (Stalactites and stalagmites). The cave extends 42km across.  We will cross 900m in the cave; and, upon exiting, we will find a typical regional restaurant with a buffet.  There, we can eat chopped cactus (palma) or green bananas with pieces of meat (de Godó banana) as well as other specialties. After lunch, we continue by car to the nearby "Gruta da Pratinha".  Right next to the Gruta Azul (a 180m deep cave lake with deep blue water) 
Finally, we drive to Pai Inácio, a table mountain which is the symbol of the Chapada Diamantina. After a 15-20 minute steep climb, we enjoy the great view of the plateau and wait for the spectacular sunset. After we descend, we go back to Lençóis.


Day 09:
Returning to Salvador in a minivan.




• Insurance

• Qualified, knowledgeable, English-speaking Guide for all the roundtrip (12Days)

• Day 01: Cartranfer Airoport to Hotel Salvador,Welcommedrink

• Day 02: Sidsitzing Tour & Welcome meal, at a traditional, Brazilian Churrascaria

• Day 03: Car Trasfer Airport Salvador to Speedboat-Catamaran.Speedboat-Catamaran from Salvador to Morro do  Sao Paulo (must good waetter condition)

• Day 05: Speedboat Day Roundtour tho island Boipeba ant Cairu ant entry to Convento de Santo Antonio

• Day 06: Speedboatransfer Morro do Sao Paulo-Valenca ant Carr to Lencois Chapada Diamantina

• Day 07: Half day excursion following the diamond trails

• Day 08: Caves, waterfall and table mountains

 •Day 09: Car Transfer Lencois back Salvador Airoport "witaout Guide"

• 2 Nitght Hotel Salvador inkl. brakefast

• 2 Nitght Morro de Sao Paulo Pousada Colibri inkl. brakefast

• 3 Nitght Lencoi Pousada Vila Serrano inkl. brakefast

• Day 11. All entrance fees (caves, Table Mountain Pai Inacio and Pratinha) Buffet Lunch 

• Day 12: Padelguide in the Pantanal, canoe or row boat and life jackets (for children) Lunch at a Cottage        Admission to the Roncador


• Day 2.Car Transfer (bad wettercondition via ferry boat bom despacho-Valenca)

  + 100rs pro person bei 2 gäste

• Day 4.Horsriding,Snorcling equipement cant rent direckt an the beaches Morro do sao Paulo

• Day 5.Beverages  ant lunch Biopeba

• Day 8.Cavesnorcling,Zip Line ant Bewerage

• Day 09. Transfer Englisch Guide to back tho airport

Pricing information:

Pricing example for 2 or 4 people in the off season. Prices may change without notice. Optionally you can adapt the sportive activities according to your wishes. Please contact us before you make a booking. Like this we can prepare a detailed offer for your authentic travel experience.


Our tour guides speak English, German and French. Please book in advanced.

Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia

Mercado Modello



Lobster wiht Mangos

Pai Inacio

Pai Inacio

Tabelmountain-Chapada Diamantina

Gruta Azul

Gruta Azul

Chapada Diamantina

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