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05 Packet. Great Chapada Roundtrip


01 Day. Half-Day Tour

The Classic Lençóis hike
Join us for half a day on this 5km circuit trail near Lençóis which offers a beautiful inside about the variety and natural richness at the boarder of the Chapada Diamantina National Park. First we reach the Serrano, a local attraction of water holes and natural whirlpools that is surrounded by interesting rock formations known as conglomerates. From here we enter into the Halls of Sand (Salão de Areias Coloridas), an open cave labyrinth with beautiful colored rocks. A bit more upriver you will discover the lovely pools of Poço Halley, an ideal place to take a refreshing bath. This location got named after the Komet Halley. Now we have a steep climb ahead of us  before we reach the spring waterfall (Cachoeira da Primaveira). It’s just a bit more uphill until we reach a stunning viewpoint from where you can enjoy the panorama of the valley you just walked through and Lençóis in the distance. Heading back to Lençóis we will encounter the last attraction, the photogenic Cachoeirinha waterfall with its hip deep natural pool. Tour Level 1-2 : Easy-Moderate Tour.

02 Day. Day-Tour

Canoe, Waterfall & Swimming

This delightful tour begins with a 45-minute ride on a dirt road to the small village of Remanso, a former Quilombola founded by escaped slaves, where their descendants still live. From there starts an idyllic 1.5 hour canoe trip through the Marimbus-marsh (mini Pantanal), framed by the Serra do Sincora mountains. The wetlands region was formed by the convergence of two rivers (Rio Santo Antônio and Rio Utinga) and, it is particularly fascinating because of the varied flora and fauna. On the way, you can occasionally see birds and Capuchin monkeys.  On rare occasions, you may catch a glimpse of capybaras and caimans. You will then take a 20-minute walk to an old country house, where lunch is served. Following the trail to the Roncador river, you will encounter great natural "jacuzzi" with several small waterfalls and slides. Here you can splash around and enjoy the panoramic view of the Chapada. We will then return to Remanso by canoe and drive back to Lençóis.


Option walk back:
In case you’d prefer to walk back to Remanso we will first cross the river Roncador on foot (or by boat if the water-levels are high) and follow a small trail  leading us through tiny, hidden communities within the Marimbus. It’s a good adventure if you’d like to learn more about the people living out here and catch a different angle of the Marimbus landscape. The trail itself is easy and it will take us in about 2 hours back to the Quilombola of Remanso. Tour Level 1-2 : Easy Tour.

03 Day. Day-Tour

Devil's Pool, Cave & a Flat-Topped Mountain

By car, we leave Lençóis towards the river Mucugezinho. From the trail-head we will reach the Devil’s Pool ("Poço do Diabo") after a 25-minutes hike. A gorgeous place, with its waterfall and natural pool, surrounded by colorful rock formations, excellent to take a swim and enjoy the scenery. If you feel like a little adventure, you can slide directly from the top of the waterfall into the devil's pool on a zipline or even rappel down. Once back at the car we cross the Serra do Sincora to the other side of the mountain range, the landscape changes noticeably. This area is much dryer and is full of cacti. The next stop is "Gruta da Lapa Doce", the second largest limestone cave in Brazil with impressive limestone formations (Stalactites and stalagmites). The cave extends for more than 42km. We will cross through a sector of 900m and, upon exiting, we will stop at a typical regional restaurant with a delicious buffet. There, we can try chopped cactus (palma) or green bananas with pieces of meat (de Godó banana) as well as other specialties. After lunch, we continue by car to the nearby "Pratinha". Here we take a swim in the crystal clear lake right next to the Gruta Azul, a cave lake with deep blue water. Finally, we drive to Pai Inácio table mountain – an important symbol of the Chapada Diamantina. After a 20 minute steep climb, we enjoy the stunning postcard views from the top of the plateau and wait for the spectacular sunset. A beautiful excursion comes to an end and we head back to Lençóis. Tour Level 1-2 : Easy-Moderate Tour.

04.Day/Resting day
Today you can relax, enjoy the nice tropical garden of the Vila Serrano or take a refreshing bath at the natural pools of the nearby Serrano area just upriver of Lençóis.
The Vila Serrano offers as well different types of massages and frequent yoga classes – We are sure you’re going to have a wonderful resting day :-)


05 Day. Day-Tour

Top of Fumaça 380m Waterfall & Capão Valley 

One of the most popular tours leads you to the top of the second highest waterfall in Brazil. Leaving Lençóis we travel by car while heading direction Palmeiras. From here we will leave the paved road and continue the next 20km   on a gravel road up onto the entrance of the Capão Valley village passing the mighty Morrão, a prominent Table Mountain and the highest point in the northern Chapada. After registering our group at the trail head we continue hiking steep uphill until we reach an altitude of about 1300m. From here we already get rewarded with great views over the valley and the very special vegetation of this area. At a leisurely pace, we hike for another 60 minutes in order to admire the waterfall from above. To see the waterfall, you have to lay flat on a ledge. The "smokey waterfall" got its name because of water falling down, actually never hitting the ground and getting pushed back up again by the winds – which looks from a distance like "Fumaça" or smoke. On the way back, we will stop at the Riachinho waterfall where you can take a refreshing dip in the natural pool. When bad weather occurs, the alternative is the center of the village of Capão. Tour Level 2-3 : Moderate Tour.


06.Day. Day-Tour

Prehistoric Murals & Mosquito Waterfall / Poço Azul               (Blue Lake Caves)

By car, we travel an hour from Lençóis to the Mosquito waterfall. First, we will admire the waterfall from above before, then hike for 30 minutes to its base.  After a refreshing bath and hydromassage under the waterfall we will climb back up to the top. Next, we will drive 30 minutes to the Serra Paridas, where we will visit an archaeological complex with rock paintings. An expert guide will take us through their history. We will then return to Lençois.

Tour Level 1-2 : Easy-Moderate Tour.

If you choose option the "Poço Azul & Mosquito" by car we will continue our trip to Poço Azul where we will have lunch and can try local specialties from a buffet. After lunch we will go into the Poço Azul cave. At the end of a short descent, we will climb down a longer wooden ladder to a deck, where we will prepare ourselves for snorkeling in the blue crystal clear waters. Equipped with a life jacket, snorkeling gear and underwater flashlight, we will explore this magical cave by floating on its surface. The view under the water is spectacular and occasionally one can observe small, blind cave fish swimming by.

Important Note:
Classical Day Tour on the second day:
It is possible to rappel or zipline, depending on the weather at the Devil's Hole and Pratinha. Not included in the packet price!

Important Note Pousada Vila Serrano:
Single-room additional charges apply!

Important Note:
Waterfall Day Tour
Riachinho waterfall is visited only in good weather conditions. The bad weather option is to visit the Capão valley village center.


Important for this canoe tour: Use plenty of sunscreen with a high protection factor and headgear.

Important for the Mosquito tour: If you choose to visit the option "Poço Azul” we will continue our trip to the Blue Pool by car – No additional charges apply, the packet price stays the same. Be aware that this involves significantly more driving.


Included in all Tours:

• Insurance
• Qualified, knowledgeable, English-speaking Guide
• Transfer by car all Tours
• All entrance fees
• Devil's Pool, Cave & a Table Mountain: Buffet Lunch
• Waterfall Fumaça Tour: Packed Lunch
• Waterfall Fumaça Tour: Visit of the Capão village or optionally the Riachinho waterfall (depending of weather   conditions)
• Paddle guide in the mini Pantanal
• Canoe or row boat and life jackets (for children)
• Lunch at a Cottage on the mini Pantanal tour
• Admission to the Roncador
• Mosquito Tour: Buffet Lunch

Included Pousada Vila Serrano:

• 7 Nights at the Pousada Vila Serrano, including breakfast
• All Transfers/Bus stadion-Lençóis/Airport Lençóis

Excluded: If you choose these options, they must be paid in cash on the spot!

• Devil's hole "Poço do Diabo" rappelling and/or ziplining
• Pratinha rappelling and/or ziplining
• Pratinha cave snorkeling
• Drinks


Half Day Tour.
Level 1-2:

Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. In some parts, hikers must use their hands to assist with short steep climbs. In other parts, the hike requires walking on rocks in the river bed.
Marimbus Day Tour.
Level 1-2:

Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. Suitable for all ages
Day Classic Tour. Level 1-2:

Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition.
Approximately 20 minutes climb up the flat-topped mountain of Pai Inácio. Suitable for all ages
Day Waterfall-Fumaça Tour. Level 2-3:

Moderate to vigorous hike; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. Vigorous hike with steep ascent and descent

Day Mosquito/Rockpaiting Tour. Level 1-2:

Mild to moderate walk; is feasible for everyone in good physical condition. In some areas, you will use your hands to assist with steep climbs. Suitable for all ages.

The tour does not operate if:
Extreme weather conditions
To cancel this tour, please get in touch with our Customer Service
Car & Hiking, Water, Canoe, Adventure & Culture
8 days

Distance Half-Day Tour:
4-5km walk

Distance Marimbus Day Tour:
50km car / 3-4km walk / 14km rowboat
Distance Classical Day Tour:

Car 140km / 4km walk

Distance Waterfall Fumaça Day Tour:
Car 120km / 15km walk
Distance Mosquito/Prehistoric Murals:
Car 120km / 5km walk or Tour option Mosquito/Poço Azul: 220km car / 3km walk
Starting Point:
Our guide will pick you up at Vila Serrano
Min participants:
Maximum participants:
Lençóis National Park of Chapada Diamantina
We recommend to take:
Backpack with at least 15 lt capacity., sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water bottle, hat, comfortable shoes or trekking sandals, light clothing, bathing suit, rain jacket, camera

Price 05 Packet  per person:

High season
15/dec – 24/dec // 10/jan – 28/feb // 15/jun – 31/aug

Single.................................Rs: 6190.00
Double .............................Rs: 3588.00
Triple ..................................Rs: 2904.00
Quadruple.......................Rs: 2461.00

Low season
01/mar – 14/jun // 01/sep – 14/dec
Single.................................Rs: 5595.00
Double...............................Rs: 3325.00
Triple...................................Rs: 2729.00
Quadruple................……..Rs: 2348.00


More than 4 people price on request!

Holiday Rates 2021 on request
Carnival, Easter, Tiradentes, 1st of Mai, Corpus Cristi, São João, 7th of September, 12th of October, New Year

The tour can be booked and paid directly with us in the hotel by credit card or in cash

Low season

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