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Viele Jahre ist in der Chapada text über die alten trails und wiso es nicht weiter kahm.

Sicherheit: Zwei Guides inkl. Spot Messenger

Fumaca por Baixo 3 Days


This is a trek that will leave you in love with the region. It's a trek where you walk a lot through stunning scenery. It is a trail with some ascents that will require some physical workout. However, following the concept of "Slow Tour" you will have no problem to make the tour in the given time. The trekking starts in the village of Guiné and after an easy climb we will walk over the plateau known as the "Gerais do Rio Preto" to reach a lookout that will show us a lovely part of the Pati Valley. On the first day, after the lookout, we will descend into the Pati Valley. In the way, we will have our first refreshing bath in one of the waterfalls. From there we will arrive in the first natives guest house which serves delicious food and rest well in comfortable beds. On the second day, after breakfast, we depart for crossing the Pati Valley to the second guest house known as "Prefeitura" where we will stay for one night. Is it possible to take a refreshing swim in the river nearby. On the third day we will walk to the Cachoeirão River Valley. Here is also our last accommodation inside the Pati Valley. Near the house, we will find more natural pools where we will enjoy a very pleasant afternoon. On the fourth day, after breakfast, we will follow the trail up river until we arrive at the bottom of the Cachoeirão. From here also starts the trail climbing up steeply higher and higher until we are standing on top of the Cachoeirão valley. After enjoying the marvelous landscape we will head back to the village of Guiné.


It is a long trek that will take us through a stunningly beautiful scenery offered by two famous plateaus of the area called Gerais do Rio Preto and Gerais do Vieira. Gerais is a locally used word to describe the high plateaus where we will walk on. It is a very old path which was opened at the time when all trading was done using the here so called "mules troops”. On the way we will find some places which are excellent to take a bath and also some small streams to refresh ourselves during the walk. We will follow the trail for many kilometers, passing through the unique landscape of the Chapada Diamantina until we reach our transportation already waiting for us near the “Bomba” and then visit the famous hippie village of Capão/Caeté Açu – a perfect place to try some of the unique foods and drinks of the area
Optionally you can stay overnight here in Capão and visit the next day the 380m high Fumaça waterfall before heading back to Lençóis. Keep in mind that this will be another tiring, but very rewarding day.

Mandassaia with Barro Branco Lencois 1 Day

Day Trekk.

We will be dropped off at the trail start and already be rewarded with a great view seeing the highest point of the northern Chapada Diamantina, the Morrão right in front of us. This walk is based on the concept of "Slow Tour" and will take all day. This trek does not require too much physical effort since there are no steep ascends or descends along the way – it is made especially for those who like to walk in nature. Following the trail, we pass through the rocky landscape covered by the typical vegetation of the area – always having the magnificent view of the Morrão mountain right in front of us – don’t be scared you will not have to climb it ;-) At some point we will pass this majestic landmark before reaching Águas Claras/Clear Waters, a lovely place to take a bath and to cool down. From here we continue further into the valley of the three brothers enjoying the stunningly beautiful countryside.

Optionally: Start this trail during the day and finish it in the night just illuminated by the full moon – A very beautiful and impressive walk under the stars!

Mixila and Fumanca / 4 Days

Sossego Waterfall
Located in the upper reaches of the Rio Ribeirão, this waterfall is the ultimate reward after a 3 to 4 hours trek entering the Ribeirão valley. A very interesting area with lots of diamond mining history and several options to take a refreshing bath along the way and of course following the “Slow Tour” concept you won’t miss out on any of the beautiful options that this area has to offer. This trail is a bit more technical than others with ascends and descends – It also requires a good balance when walking across the colorful stones inside the riverbed.

Mixila and Capivari Waterfall  / 2 Days

Parque Muritiba Circuit (Morning) and Ribeirão Circuit (Afternoon)
Parque da Muritiba Circuit (Lençóis river, Halls of sand, Halley Pool, Grizante river, Spring waterfall, Upper pool, Belvedere and Cachoeirinha)
This half-day walking trip is the first part of the basic walk where you can learn a lot about our history, the special geology and biodiversity of the region. You visit very diverse places like pools inside the riverbed which invite for a refreshing bath, beautiful waterfalls, the “Halls of Sand” with more than 30 different color variations, a viewpoint high above the valley and Lençóis in the far distance. The trail, in some parts easy, in others going steep uphill leads through beautiful nature. Come with Luis to this special hike and enjoy the hidden beauty just around the corner from Lençóis.

Ribeirão river Circuit
The second part of the basic walks is another half-day walk which leads us to the river Ribeirão. First we are going to reach an area called Ribeirão por baixo which already offers a great opportunity to take a swim in the lake formed by the river. From here you can choose whether we continue our walk to Ribeirão do Meio the more adventurous way inside the riverbed or along a tiny trail. Ribeirão do Meio offers with its big pools and the natural water-slide a good fun moment in the middle of nature. From here we will head back to Lençóis on a different trail. This trail is also safe to walk back later at night accompanied by the stars.


Marimbus is an Indian name that means “Mud lands on the river board”. This tour takes all day and in the beginning offering you a relaxing boat trip which starts at the Quilombola community of Remanso, following the beautiful water canals which bring us deep into this mini-pantanal. After about 2 hours down the river, we will arrive at a river beach. From here we start a half hour walk to a house of a local family which offers excellent regional food cooked on an open fire stove. If you are not hungry yet, we will continue our walk to some of the pools of the Roncador river (The river got its name from the loud noise it makes when carrying lots water) which is surrounded by a lovely landscape. By now you must be hungry and we will head back to our well earned lunch. It’s a pity that we won’t have time to take a nap along the stunning riverbed. We are heading back on foot through a tiny trail until reaching our car already waiting for us.

Pricing information:

Luiz Krug is a specialized, very knowledgeable tour guide. Please let us know with time in which tour(s) you are interested and the number of participants in your group. Please book in advance!

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