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The Chapada Diamantina National Park offers inumerable tour options, to please everyone, both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Lençóis is the ideal base to explore all the natural beauty of the park.

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Trekking and Hiking Pati Valley 2019/20

PATI "Expert"


Trekking - 5 days and 4 night

This tour is recommended for people who want to go to the most popular attractions of the Vale do Pati, being in good physical condition...

Price from: Rs 2430.00

PATI "Explorer"


Trekking - 3 days and 2 night

This tour is recommended to people who have little time, but want to live the experience of performing trekking in the heart of Chapada Diamantina National Park and enjoy the natural beauty and the simplicity of Pati Valley.


Price from: Rs 1430.00

PATI "Mirante"


Hiking - 1 day (Pati viewpoint)
This is the ideal excursion if you don’t have much time but still want to experience the secret wonders of the Pati valley.

Price from:Rs 244.00

We usually organize trekking in the Pati Valley for small groups. Contact us for the exact dates. Private Trekkings we organize you at any time. Please contact us for a detailed offer or more information.

1 Day and 3 Days Tours

 Kajak & SUP Expedition "Special"2019/20

Kajak "Expedition"


Camping - two and tre days

River, wetlands with Poço Azul ( Blue Pool) This tour is advanced who already has canoeing experience .Come with us for this 70km journey through the charming Chapada Diamantina.

SUP Cave and "SUP Light"


SUP - 1 day Tour

This tour includes the visit at the blue pool  (Poço Azul) where you'll take a  swim in crystal clear waters of the cave, one of the most popular highlights  for travelers in the Chapada Diamantina.


Kajak "Special"


Kajak - 1 day Tour

Come with us for this 14km journey through the charming Marimbus landscape and take a delightful bath at the waterfall and the natural pools of the Rio Roncador.

1 Day Tours

 Rappelling, Climbing & MTB 2019/20

Rappelling "Lapao Cave"


Rapelling into the cave of Lapão

We start hiking right from Lençóis until the largest quartzite cave of Brazil - the "Gruta do Lapão".




Climbing - Park of Muritiba and

Barro Branco

Throughout the Chapada Diamantina we bring you to the best spots which are ideal for everybody who loves rock-climbing.




MTB Tours

We organize incredible half/full day MTB Tours and MTB expeditions throughout the National Park Chapada Diamantina.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or  advanced biker - we have the right tour for you!

New to Brasilien Adventure. Rappelling at the 85 m high Buracão waterfall.

Rappelling is an activity performed within the Park. Its monitored by experienced instructors who can offer the required support for the performance of this activities from the easiest and relaxing levels to the more technical and demanding levels such as in Canyoning activities.

Amazon guiding Tour with Brasilien Adventure 2019/20

Largest biome in the world, the Amazon is full of impressive places, characters and stories, as well as host numerous charming tourist attractions. In Brazil, the forest has several entrance  and I, Daniel Krattinger, have experienced and tried these tours and I am willing to take you to know these places and their charms in a different way and we will exchange  experiences  learn and live with the  Amazonian Riberinhos.

For tours and packages contact our Brasilien Adventure team.

The Island of Lençóis, state of Maranhão

You've heard of a remote tropical island paradise on the Brazilian Amazon coast, made of white dunes, sand, deserted beach, fishing village, mangrove forest and a diversity of birds, especially the red Ibis-Guaras.


The Island of Lençóis is located in the axis Maranhao - Para is part of the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Marine of Cururupu, in the region of the Reentrances Maranhenses, also known as Archipelago of Maiaú or Forest of Guarás. It is part of the municipality of Curupuru and is in the midst of one of the largest mangrove areas. The beginning of the Amazon Forest.

For tours and packages contact our Brasilien Adventure Team

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